Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parshat Shemini: You don't mess with Moses

  • "Proof" #1, from this morning's parsha: Nadav and Avihu bring fire that Moshe had not instructed them to bring, and end up dead.
  • "Proof" #2: Korach and company protest against Moshe's and his brother Aharon's "usurpation" of authority, and end up dead.
  • "Proof" #3: Miriam and Aharon complain about their brother Moshe's "starring" role and about his marriage to a Midianite, and Miriam ends up with (a form of) "leprosy" (that's cured in a week). (Of course, Aharon, the "Teflon" priest, goes unpunished, as always.)
Moshe may have been "the humblest of men," but his Protector had no compunctions about punishing alleged assaults on Moshe's dignity, and ensured Moshe's undisputed position as "top dog" until Moshe defied Him by striking the rock instead of speaking to it.


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